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Amazing! These ladies are incredible. I have always loathed the dentist until I found this practice. They truly care about your comfort. They know that if you aren't comfortable at the dentist you won't go. I always walk in with my stomach in knots, sweating, and nauseous. Once I get in the chair and get going it all melts away. Seriously, if you're a dental wimp like myself it's worth coming here. I drive 30 minutes just to get the great care offered at this practice.

Heather P
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I switched to Signature Smiles in 2014. I'm so glad I made the switch - the staff is friendly and accommodating. The personalized care you get is not something you don’t come across at other offices. Show up early to your appointment – and you get to use the massage chair! Dr. Charland doesn’t just come in and check you – she has a conversation with you. I would go more frequently than 6 months if my insurance allowed.

Sharon T
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Growing up, I never enjoyed or liked the dentist. Experience was quite painful most of the time. Signature Smiles and Dr. Charland have been extraordinary. No painful fillings or crowns. Am always met with smiles from all the staff and made to feel that I am important to them. If you lived anywhere near the area and don't go to them, you are missing out!

Sarah E.
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I've been going to Dr. Charland and her staff for about 10 years and I LOVE them! Not only do they do a superb job at cleanings, well check ups, fillings, etc, but they have become like friends. I don't dread the visit to a dentist anymore, I actually look forward to them! Highly recommend!

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Dr. Charland has a great personality and her office is beautiful with a caring and fun staff. I have been very impressed with this office. Highly recommended!

Lance M.
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Professional & personable, educational without any guilt, and a relaxed, calm & happy atmosphere--so grateful we have such an awesome dentistry team right here in Rindge!

Dede W
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Great Office, great staff, great dentist! Always had a great experience and Dr. Charland was always very professional. Would highly recommend

Justin Z.
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Dr Charland is truly amazing! I've had dental trauma from a couple dentists in my past, and was always terrified of even having my teeth cleaned. Over the course of several years of seeing Dr Charland and her staff, I've become much more relaxed. This is a practice that is as pain-free as dentistry can be, I think. I'm so grateful I found them, even if I have to drive nearly an hour to get there. Worth it!

Diane G.
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After I got out of the Marine Corps I had not been to the dentist for a couple of years. (I know that was bad) One day I had some pain in my mouth. I called the dentist were my wife is going in Jaffrey and they said they could take me in 3 days. I again said I have pain yet the earliest they could squeeze me in was 3 days. That was when I called Signature Smiles and they took me right away. I have been happily going there ever since. I hate going to the dentist and I am a big baby and I know it. I have the worlds worst gag reflex also. My dental hygienist at Signature Smiles is THE BEST. I know I am not a good patient but she treats me like I am.

James R.
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As a mom of 2 boys, 2 &5, I thoughtfully made their appointments the same day. I also dreaded them.

To my surprise, it was a great visit! The office is welcoming, with some fun stools/blocks for the kids to play with while we waited (short timely wait!), Receptionists and Hygienists were very sweet, and the actual visit went very well. It was quick, they didn't pressure the boys, or make them worry. My oldest even had to have an Xray and it went swell. :)

The boys were happy campers at the end, and even got to pick from the oh so famous Treasure box for a surprise. Thank you!

Crystal B
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Signature smiles has given me my smile back. The whole team are compassionate and caring people who listen to their patients and supply all options. I have had quite a bit of work done and I can tell you that every one whom I have seen is gentle and genuinely concerned about patient comfort. They have taken the fear of going to the dentist away for me. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a dentist. I won't go anywhere else ever again. Thanks to everyone at signature smiles. You have allowed me to smile again.

Leigh M
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I have been a patient of Dr. Charland's for the last five years and I would highly recommend her and her staff. When I first went to the practice I had had a problem with a local dentist and she not only solved my immediate problem, but put together a comprehensive treatment plan that has spanned 4 years. I had put off doing the work that I knew was needed, but the cost was spread out over the 4 years and now I have a beautiful smile again. My old fillings full of mercury, which where over 30 years old, have been replaced and I am delighted to have a healthy mouth once again.

Terry C
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I have been a patient of Dr. Charland for just about 6 yrs. I had many dental problems and was so relieved for all her professional work and advice on my procedures. She is caring and so easy to talk with. Her staff reflects the same values.
Thanks to her I'm smiling in N.H.!

Alice C
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Great Facility, EXCELLENT staff! Thorough and compassionate.

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I have gone to this dental office for a few years now. For the first time in my life I am comfortable with having dental work done. Dr Charland and her staff are kind and gentle. I have never felt like anything less than a member of the family. The women that work here are genuinely concerned for my well being and care about ME! I have had to make some difficult choices with regards to my teeth but I have ALWAYS been given choices as to what would be needed. Sometimes I have had to choose a less expensive option because times are tough but Dr Charland and her staff understand this and work out arrangements and offer financing that allows for work to be done.

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These women are amazing. I have always had anxiety about the dentist, and these ladies made me feel right at home. Dr. Charland went over everything with me and made sure I had the the best recommendations that would best suit me and my insurance coverage. Thank you for giving me back my smile. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!! This is by far the best experience I have ever had with a dentist office

Kat H
via Facebook reviews

Jennifer Charland and her staff are First Rate. I was so nervous to have a crown put in. I hadn't needed any dental work since I was a teenager. I was actually crying in the dental chair because I was scared. She reassured me and made me feel at ease. She was 100% correct about the procedure. Yes, there are other things I'd rather do then be drilled in a dental chair but it was so much better than I imagined. And did I mention the girls are so personable? I almost feel like they are my friends. I do not dread (can't say look forward) coming back for the completion of the crown and other dental work that I need. Thanks girls for taking an anxious situation and making it more than bearable.

Elisha P
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I am so glad I found Signature Smiles with Dr. Jennifer Charland. I have always dreaded my dental check-ups until now. The whole office puts you at ease the minute you walk in. My dental hygenist couldn't have been nicer or gentler, and she explained everything she was going to do in advance. Dr. Charland went over my x-rays -- pointed out what was good and what was bad. She advised me what should be taken care of sooner rather than later, but there was no hard sell or pressure. I love her chair-side manner -- felt that I was in extremely capable hands. Very pleased with the whole experience!

Trish N
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This was a great dental pracrice. Thorough but also kind and patient. I like having one location that does well with children but also treats aults.

Taryn G
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Great people, excellent service and takes any fear of the dentist away. If you haven't been to a dentist in a long time, this practice will understand and work with you to get your teeth healthy once again.

I have had bad experiences with dentists in the past, but my mouth needed tending to. I went to Signature Smiles Dental and was quite pleasantly surprised. The staff was understanding of my dental anxiety and also my health issues. They found a solution that works great for me and I no longer fear going to the dentist. I have had extensive work completed and my mouth is getting back to normal.

Sue M
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I absolutely love the environment and every single person who is part of Signature Smiles. I am normally terrified to go to the Dentist and I have always felt very comfortable and at ease since I started going here a few years ago. They are always very willing of giving amazing advise and unlike others they give truthful and honest advise on what to do and are not just there to make money, They actually care about you as a person and that to me is worth every single penny. Trust me when I say, this is the best Dental office in the area and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it's true, I actually look forward to going to the dentist now. Thank you to Dr. Charland and everyone who works at Signature Smiles Dental, you guys are amazing!

Stacy B.
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